Mountain Island Lake Real Estate

Mountain Island Lake Real Estate  Mountain Island Lake Homes  Mountain Island Lake in Mount Holly, North Carolina.

Mountain Island Lake is a charming lakeside town that's truly one of Charlotte's hidden gems.  With a rich history, scenic landscape and affordable living, Mountain Island Lake is the premier location to live in. Once a small farming village, is now part of what makes Charlotte the thriving area it is.

This small and breathtaking lake, created by Duke Energy in 1924, is home to the water preserve which services the Charlotte region. Perfect for canoeing and kayaking, this nature friendly community takes pride in the land and environment.

Be sure to visit the Latta Plantation Nature Center and Preserve for acres of greenways and wildlife.

Mountain Island Lake Waterfront Homes For Sale
$0 -$500,000


Mountain Island Lake Things To Do

Enjoy all the lakeside amenities Mountain Island Lake has to offer. Stroll down the banks and watch as the sun sets over the beautiful placid lakeside. Canoe or kayak on the calm waters and enjoy a leisurely afternoon exploring the wildlife. Travel back in time while visiting the Historic Latta Plantation and pan for gold, or see Revolutionary war reenactments!

Town Sponsored Annual Events
26th Annual Folklife Festival and Craft Show
A Candlelight Christmas
Annual Flag Day Flotilla

Don't miss the Carolina Raptor Center, for family fun and an educational afternoon!

Mountain Island Lake Parks

The Latta Plantation Park is a beautiful nature preserve just minutes from Mountain Island Lake. Enjoy the beautiful green scenery by exploring the sylvan pathways. Learn, play and relax in this local environmental oasis.

Mountain Island Lake Property Taxes

Town Tax rate is .54 cents per $100 valuation + Gaston County Tax 0.84 per $100 valuation = $1.38 per $100 valuation

How do I calculate Mountain Island Lake property taxes?
Need to know how to calculate property tax?  Here is an example using Gaston County rates:
For 2007, the combined property tax rate for the town of Mountain Island Lake and county of Gaston is $1.38. Taxes are assessed per$100 valuation.

For a home with a $200,000 tax value in the town of Mountain Island Lake and county of Gaston, property tax for 2007 would be approximately $2760.

$200000/100 = $2000
$2000*1.38 = $2760.

Mountain Island Lake, North Carolina Demographics
Statistics for Mountain Island Lake, North Carolina per the census of 2007:

Population: 27,611 people, 10,794 households, and 7,561 families

Income Stats:
Household median income:$61,691

Mountain Island Lake, North Carolina Schools

Mountain Island Lake residents attend Gaston County Schools.

Elementary schools include Pinewood, Ida Rankin

Middle schools include Mount Holly Middle

High schools include East Gaston High 

Private Schools in the area include:
Southlake Christian Academy

Mountain Island Lake School Test Scores

Ida Rankin Elementary School Profile
Ida Rankin Elementary School NC Report Card

Pinewood Elementary School Profile
Pinewood Elementary School NC Report Card

Mount Holly Middle School Profile
Mount Holly Middle School NC Report Card

East Gaston High School Profile
East Gaston High School NC Report Card

Mountain Island Lake Utilities

Electric: Duke Power  800 777 9898
Gas: Piedmont Natural Gas  800 525 3882
Telephone: BellSouth  888 757 6500
Cable: Time Warner  704 377 9600
Water/Sewer: Gaston Co. Public Works 704 862 7504
Waste Management/Recycling: Gaston Co. Public Works 704 862 7504
              Gaston Co. Solid Waste and Recycling 704 922 0267

Police Department (non-emergency)  704 353 1000
Fire Department (non-emergency) 704 336 2441
Chamber of Commerce  704 378 1300
Parks and Recreation  704 336 3854
Carolinas Medical Center  704 355 2000
Carolinas Medical Center University 704 863 6000
Presbyterian Hospital  704 384 4000
Library  704 416 0100

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